Gassled is a joint venture between infrastructure and petroleum companies on the  Norwegian continental shelf that serves as the formal owner of the Norwegian gas transmission infrastructure.

Gassled is the world’s largest offshore gas transmission system. It runs from fields on the Norwegian continental shelf to continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

Gassled has total gas export capacity into continental Europe and the United Kingdom of 369 million cubic metres per day and, in 2013, delivered 102,5 billion cubic metres of natural gas, being about 20% of overall European demand.

Gassco, owned by the Norwegian government, operates the Gassled system as an independent transmission system operator.

Gassled Owners

Petoro AS * 45.793 %
Solveig Gas Norway AS 24.756 %
Njord Gas Infrastructure AS 8.036 %
Silex Gas Norway AS 6.102 %
Infragas Norge AS 5.006 %
Statoil Petroleum AS 5.000 %
CapeOmega AS 2.965 %
Norsea Gas AS 2.261 %
Dea Norge AS  0.081 %


* Petoro serves as the licensee for the Norwegian state’s direct financial interest (SDFI) in petroleum activities.


Gassco is the operator of the Gassled joint venture and was founded by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) in May 2001, and took over the operatorship of all gas transport from the Norwegian continental shelf on 1 January 2002.

Gassco’s role as operator confers overall responsibility for running the infrastructure on behalf of the owners.

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