NJORD – Share capital reduction registered


The annual general meeting of Njord Gas
Infrastructure AS (the ‘Company’), held on 10 May
2012, resolved to carry out a reduction of NOK
457,197,500 in the Company’s share capital by
reduction of par value from NOK 100 to NOK 50. The
reduction of the share capital will be allocated to a
fund to be used as decided by the general assembly.
The Company’s total equity does not change as a
consequence of the share capital reduction.

Following the expiry of the two months creditors
notice period, the reduction in the share capital has
now been registered by the Norwegian Register of
Business Enterprises. The Company’s new share capital
is NOK 457,197,500.

Dated: 12 October 2012
Njord Gas Infrastructure AS

The information in this announcement is subject to
the disclosure requirements of the Norwegian
Securities Trading Act section 5-12 and/or the Oslo
Børs – Continuing Obligations.

Njord Gas Infrastructure AS is headquartered in
Stavanger, Norway. It invests in Norwegian gas
infrastructure and currently holds an 8.036%
participating interest in Gassled. For more
information, please refer to http://njordgasinfra.no/.

For information, please contact:

Birte Norheim, Finance Director
+47 51911064 office
+47 95293321 mobile