The Company

Njord Gas Infrastructure AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Njord Gas Infrastructure Holding AS and both companies are incorporated in Norway. Njord Gas Infrastructure Holding AS is owned by UBS International Infrastructure Fund (82%) and Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (18%).

Njord Gas Infrastructure AS is a Norwegian limited liability company whose exclusive object is to own and operate its participating interest of 8.036% in Gassled. This participating interest was acquired from ExxonMobil. The transaction was approved by the Norwegian government in February 2011 and was completed on 16 June 2011.

Mission Statement
Njord Gas Infrastructure recognises that Gassled is an essential strategic component of the Norwegian petroleum sector and fundamentally important to the Norwegian economy. We aim to ensure that the customers of Gassled receive world-class and cost-efficient gas transmission and processing services and that Gassco delivers outstanding health, safety and environment performance while maintaining Gassled system integrity and reliability. Subject to achieving these aims, we hope to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

Primacy of health, safety and the environment
Njord Gas Infrastructure recognises that developing, operating and maintaining gas infrastructure serving the Norwegian continental shelf requires a constant focus on health and safety – the staff of Gassco and its technical services providers and subcontractors work in hostile conditions on land and at sea and consequently, all efforts must be made to ensure that work is conducted in accordance with best practices.

We also recognise that the environment of Norway – the sea, fjords, waterways, earth, air, built environment and flora and fauna – is precious and must be protected in accordance with the laws of Norway.